About Hong Kong Arbitration Society

Hong Kong Arbitration Society is an independent and charitable institution which is except from tax to the Government of Hong Kong (IRD File No. 91/14866) and dedicated to the promotion of arbitration development in Hong Kong. It is committed to enhancing the popularity and awareness of arbitration.

Many people encounter stressful, time-wasting and expensive litigation and traditional arbitration, but the costs and efforts involved are often disproportionate to the result. Besides, litigation and traditional arbitration are unaffordable and far too complicated for most members of the general public. Therefore, due to high litigation or arbitration costs, many avoid resolving their disputes and asking for justice.

Hong Kong Arbitration Society believes disputes can be resolved differently and aims to promote the resolution of disputes through a form of arbitration which is more efficient, cost-effective and affordable than litigation and traditional arbitration. With this objective, HKAS has developed the HKAS Rules which govern the conduct of efficient arbitration.