Hong Kong Arbitration Society is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of arbitration development in Hong Kong. It is committed to enhancing popularity and increasing awareness of arbitration. It also aims to promote the resolution of disputes through a form of arbitration which is more efficient and cost-effective than litigation and traditional arbitration to the public, thus contributing to the global development of arbitration.



Episode 1: Understanding the differences between litigation, mediation and arbitration



Project Officer (15 Months Contract)

Job Description:

  • Responsible for proofreading, editing and formatting the Mediation Practice Manual;
  • Liaising and facilitating communication between writers, translators, speakers and other key persons;
  • Printing, advertising and distributing the Mediation Practice Manual;
  • Assisting the coordination and organization of meeting, workshop, overseas seminars in relation to dispute resolution;
  • Coordinating and organizing meeting, workshop, overseas seminars;
  • Promoting of workshop and overseas seminars and contacting and ensuring the attendance of participants of workshop and overseas seminars;
  • Liaising with overseas dispute resolution centres and relevant associations;
  • Ensuring schedules and objectives are met for a project;
  • Preparing and compiling reports for the project;
  • Handling all internal and external communication and documentation;
  • Ensuring schedules are met and to keep good monitoring of work progress of the project;
  • Strong project-management, problem-solving and organizational skills;
  • Assisting in ad-hoc assignment