Harmony HK

About the Charter

Social conflict and contradiction have become increasingly serious in Hong Kong in recent years, so the public generally hope to enhance the development of the social harmony of Hong Kong, to build positive social value, to face social problems with a positive attitude and to embrace social inclusion.

The Government is committed to promote the development of mediation in Hong Kong, and mediation is an effective method to resolve disputes in order to enhance social harmony. The Government also enacted the Mediation Ordinance in 2012, and the Apology Ordinance was passed by the Legislative Council in 2017.

The aim of the Charter of Harmony HK is to enhance the cooperation among the business community and society in order to devote our efforts to fulfil corporate social responsibility, develop social harmony and embrace social inclusion. The objective of our charter is to encourage organizations to sign the Charter of Harmony HK and to undertake to use the method of mediation first, and arbitration next to resolve disputes, thus strengthening the relationship between the business community and the public and achieving social harmony.

Organizations will be authorized to make use of the logo by successfully joining the Charter of Harmony HK and will be given public recognition for putting our charter into practice. Furthermore, through the promotional activities and press reports, the successful fulfilment of social responsibility and contribution to society by the organization will be salient, a positive corporate image will be promoted, the confidence of customers and partners will be gained, and the business environment will be positively influenced.

Beside cultivating corporate social responsibility, the Charter of Harmony HK will provide information in relation to dispute resolution and positive social value for the participating organization through the holding of various cross-sector exchange activities and seminars. In addition to acquiring the relevant knowledge, there can be exchange and deepening of understanding between organizations and the exploration of collaborative opportunities.