Mediation – Fees
HKAS provides mediation services through a designated mediation service provider. Where the parties decide to use the mediation services, the applicable fees are as below.

Mediation packages are priced at HK$3,000.00 per party including a two-hour mediation, the rental of conference rooms, the intake and preparation charges (includes single-sided documents of one 2-3 inch box file), administrative fees, and filing and photocopying expenses (per case). If the mediation exceeds 2 hours, the additional charge is HK$750.00 per hour per party.

HKAS also provides a mediation package of more experienced mediators at the price of HK$3,500.00 or HK$4,000.00 per party for a 2-hour mediation with the additional charge of HK$1,000.00, HK$1,250.00 or HK$1,500.00 per hour per party respectively if the mediation exceeds 2 hours.